Social Media and Business

Social media redefines how corporates should conduct business, transcend geography and target audience. Nowadays, a lot of people think that Facebook dominate social network and become the best solution for marketers to promote campaigns, products or business. They may think twice. The way to conduct a business is to understand the audience – in other words, understanding what type of social media tools the majority of target audience use is the best way to connect your business to customers.

Now, take these figures into consideration:
🌟 Facebook is dominating social network with 1.16 billion users, but other seldom mentioned social platform YouTube is closed behind with 1 billion registers.
🌟 China QZone is in the third place with over 750 million users. Its fan based is 3 times larger than Twitter.
🌟 86% Facebook users are outside the United States.

Keep in mind that social media is also a double edge sword. It provides a platform for business, but a bad handle in negative feedback can get your business to crisis.

Apparently, conducting business with the help of social media is necessary at the moment. However, consider the facts before choosing which social media platform to use is more important. Moreover, the impact of social media on business is negative and positive. Playing with social media is a bet on the business’s brand image and integrity


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