The Social Media Revolution 2014

In 2012, 83% marketers agree that social media is an important tool for businesses. Over 88% marketers want to know more about social media strategy. The analysis from the report shows that the impact of social media on marketing is huge. The important of social media is becoming stronger and stronger. The time for traditional marketing is gone. It is now a time for technology industry.

Most used social media platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and Pinterest. They are served for one main purpose – to increase the user’s experience, connect people all around the world, help business gain knowledge about customers and vice versa. At this moment, YouTube hold the spot for future plans. 69% marketers increase their use in YouTube in 2013. It seems that the number will keep increasing over the time. Facebook and LinkedIn are two major players in the field of social marketing. There are 49% of marketers choose Facebook to get in touch with the consumers, followed by LinkedIn. However, little does people really think that Facebook pay off the price. The analysis shows that despite a large amount of money and percentage of uses on Facebook for marketing, only 37% people think that Facebook works ❤



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