Facebook is a luxury social network

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Post-Election Survey in 2012, a vast majority of social network users are young adults and teenagers. 67% American women aged 18-29 are interested in any social network websites. The percentage of Twitter users are doubled since November 2010, record 16% users globally, followed by 15% users on Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Facebook has been the largest social network site with 67% all internet users utilize this tool to connect with other people.

Facebook is a luxury site at the current moment. Like Kenyan Interviewee, when asked why she wants to use Facebook, replied “You see, when you don’t have technology it’s like you are in your own world and people are in their other world… It’s like traveling. When you travel you need to learn a lot, if you cannot travel it’s also another way of learning a lot.”

Nowadays, social network is a sufficient tool to connect us to the world. Regarding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has created needs and desires to use Facebook social platform. People regularly use Facebook to reconnect with friends, update their status, and send private messages. And the reason for it so popular is that, like the words from one interviewee in Kenya

“And you can use it blog, you can also tell some…something about yourself or what you are doing, then many people access it, yeah. And the chain of friendship so the information goes to many people, because your friend is a friend to some other people.”





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