Get Elected like President Obama

Do you want to appear creepy like the Senator of Pleasantville? This is an example of social media that goes wrong.

Of course not!!!!!

There are different ways to get elected. And these are the rules.


1st: Social media will not get you elected. Social media is a tool. You can use it to spread the message around, create buzz in your community, but you need to make an effort to make it happen.

2nd: You are not Obama. You are you. People usually copy and paste the most successful people around and think that they make an effort. Most successful people (except people who inherit a large sum amount of money) work hard to achieve their goal. It means that the best is in you. Try to be you.

Consider: Why do you use social media? Do you want to receive all political messages? Or you want to receive messages that are related to you and your life? Remember that people don’t spend their time on something that is totally un-memorable. Think of the popular posts and statuses that always get the attention, even though some of them are super short.

Think of your community and craft your message accordingly.


Social media is a double edge sword. It can give you attention, both positively and negatively. Especially in political field, every words can turn to be your future enemy.

1st rule: Don’t just spread the message and then…leave. How many of us would do something like this: enter the room, shout out the message and then get out of the room? It is definitely not working in real life. It is absolutely not working in social media platform.

2nd rule: Don’t take every words personally. Especially when you are behind a keyboard. Everybody likes to show off sometimes. When it comes to social media, it comes often more than real life. People say harsh things. One of the fastest way to ruin a political campaign is to get back at your customers. Really!!!! Look at Nestle as an example.

3rd rule: Be a fighter. Sometimes it is always tempting to hand the social media campaign to someone else when things get rough. However, it can get problematic in the future. In such a time like this, have your team support you. Explain the work carefully to your team members and supervise them to do the work.


You do not have to use social media for your political campaign. A lot of people will tell you to use social media, and that social media is the best way to get you to the right position. However, consider the target market first. If the majority of voters use social media, it is not the best to use it in the first place.

If it is your first time to use social media for the political campaign, a great place to start is Twitter and direct marketing.

Image: Remember to give a big smile in the photoshoot 😀

Create memorable hashtags.

Offline: Connect voters online and offline. Providing them phone number and other ways is a great way to connect voters to the campaign.