Little Miss Sunshine VS. the Social Network

♥ Little Miss Sunshine is about a dysfunctional family who tried to get their little daughter to get into the finals of a beauty pageant through a cross – country trip in their VW bus.

Social media is no where to be found. No phone (because the family is broke, they want to save money during the trip), no television, no internet
♥ The Social Network is about the life and the path that Mark Zuckerberg took to create Facebook.

Social media is everywhere. Especially internet and the power of programming.

♥ So, how does the two films have something in common? In fact, the common lies in the vast different between the two lives that the characters in the movies experience.
In the movies, conversations are everywhere. But, the difference is there are no deep conversations in Little Miss Sunshine, no serious talkings, no business deals, but everyone seemed so happy. In The Social Network, I can feel the constant loneliness that Mark is experience. He controls how conversations go, open a way for easier connection, yet the mind is so lonely. Who can forget the ending scene when he finally wins over the law suit, and still feel empty inside by repetitively checking his Facebook profile?

♥ What I learn in here is that we should use social media as a tool – A better way or solution for business to connect with customers, or a way that we can voice our concern/ feedback to a product.


In Little Miss Sunshine, the horror behind the show about children beauty pageant is never revealed in public, because there is no social media tool. Children were forced to loose weight, wear high heels, act like adults in order to participate. They are the lost generation. Childhood shall be preserved and treasure. There are no point to force them to grow up so quick for the sole purpose of entertaining the guests (in this case, the adults).

Will this incident be stopped if there are the presence of social media? Or social media is being used as a tool to promote this trend?